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Transparency and Anti-Corruption

The ongoing corrupt practices in the public and private sector in Kosovo and the impotence of a functioning legal system to combat this phenomenon are the main headlines of domestic and international reports and assessments for as long as possible. Corruption and organized crime practically continue to coexist at all levels of state organization and public perception while fighting rhetoric and deficient integrity of political entities.

Efforts to effectively prevent and combat corruption depend primarily on the political will to establish the legal basis and adequate mechanisms. Existing legal provisions are not enough: many laws are still missing, others have deficiencies, while institutions guaranteeing the rule of law, and in particular the judiciary, do not have enough resources and resources.

Based on the principles of democratic society and the rule of law, the Transparency and Anti-Corruption Program (HICP) aims to influence the promotion of a culture of anti-corruption and the creation of an environment dominated by institutions of high integrity and which will be able to take effective measures to eradicate corrupt practices, both in public and private organizations.

KDI as a formal member of the global anti-corruption movement, Transparency International, through the HUT program, is committed to a Kosovo where the government, businesses, civil society and the daily lives of citizens are free from corruption. This commitment over the past 11 years has been accomplished through quality monitoring, analysis and research, advocacy for change of laws and enforcement practices, direct support of victims of corruption, push for openness of power towards transparency and cooperation with prosecution institutions .


Diana Metushi-Krasniqi  Project Manager and Senior Researcher
Kenan Beqiri
Vullnet Bugaqku Senior Researcher
Tringa Dreshaj Researcher
Plato Avdiu