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Democratisation and Parliamentary Practices

Since the establishment of the Assembly, parliamentary sessions and debates continue to have the focus on citizens and serve as a barometer of political processes in the state of Kosovo. However, not always lawmaking can be translated into the interests of citizens, and the elected party to be accountable to their voters.

The Democratization and Parliamentary Practices Program (DPPP) aims to encourage the Kosovo Assembly to be more open, more representative, and inclusive as an effective legislative body is the main pillar of democratic governance. Since the establishment of the organization, the DPP has been developed as a program by monitoring and evaluating the performance of the Assembly of Kosovo and the people’s representatives, as well as informing the public on parliamentary issues. In recent years, the DPPP has expanded with a new component that aims to provide the Assembly of Kosovo with expertise from research institutions in order to produce the most qualitative and applicable legislation.

We believe that civil society is called to carry out vital and necessary functions such as monitoring, assessment, influence on lawmaking and mediation between citizens and their elected officials. Therefore, the DPPP will continue to monitor the Assembly to ensure that this institution reflects the public interest in laws and policies, fulfills its constitutional obligations and respects its rules and procedures, promotes accountability and transparency, supervises the work of the executive and adheres to it universal standards of good governance.

The DPPP will continue to serve as a bridge between the Assembly and the citizens, fostering constructive dialogue among them, and promote voter empowerment to hold accountable the elected officials accountable and responsible.


Eugen Cakolli Project Manager and Senior Researcher
Violeta Haxholli Project Manager and Senior Researcher
Arbër Thaçi Researcher