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Free and Fair Elections

  • Ensure integrity in electoral processes through objective and politically impartial observation
  • Motivate the influence of voters in shaping policies that improve the quality of their lives
  • Encourage citizen participation in elections

Every democracy needs to test the functionality and efficiency of its institutions from time to time, and the choices are exactly what makes this possible. As one of the most important instruments of democracy today, the elections serve as a path for citizen participation in political processes. By choosing the officials that best represent the values ??and interests of the people, voters can influence the shaping of policies that improve their quality of life.

The Free Election and Right Program under the KDI is committed to contribute to ensuring integrity in the electoral process and achieving democratic standards through an objective and politically impartial observation. Informing and encouraging citizens to exercise their elementary right to choose and to be elected is one of the main pillars of the program. Our activity aims to discourage attempts for fraud, irregularities, and administrative mistakes, and help in resolving electoral disputes and creating an environment that guarantees legitimate and democratic elections.

Since its establishment, KDI has been engaged in regular activities throughout the electoral cycle, which means mobilizing NGOs and building their capacities to monitor and report on the electoral process, educate and raise awareness of voters about their electoral rights , advocating for genuine electoral reform and providing concrete recommendations to ensure a more efficient electoral process.

Being officially a member of the European Network of Election Monitoring Organizations, KDI intends to engage even outside the borders of Kosovo to monitor and guarantee the integrity of election processes that strengthen public confidence and encourage citizen participation in the elections.


Eugen Cakolli Project Manager and Senior Researcher