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Our approach

  • We closely monitor the work of the Assembly and improve the quality of laws by providing analysis and research by experts.
  • We represent and empower victims and denouncers of corruption to be vocal and to act.
  • Educate and empower the new voter to exercise his right to vote, to be an account-seeker and to push their priorities into governance.
  • We promote internal dialogue in function of state consensus and inclusiveness.
  • We mobilize volunteers to monitor the electoral process and ensure its integrity.
  • We advocate for continued legal, administrative and systemic improvements to prevent corruption and misuse of public money.
  • We support and prepare the woman for her candidacy, program, and mandate to reflect the voter's priorities.
  • We network, mobilize, and enhance the capacities of the non-governmental sector to influence.


Ismet Kryeziu Executive Director
Edita Mustafa-Salihi Programs Coordinator
Eugen Cakolli Project Manager and Senior Researcher
Vjollca Vogel Finance and Admin Manager
Diana Metushi-Krasniqi  Project Manager and Senior Researcher
Kenan Beqiri
Leonora Cikaj Administrative and Finance Assistant
Naim Cahani Project Manager and Senior Researcher
Violeta Haxholli Project Manager and Senior Researcher
Vullnet Bugaqku Senior Researcher
Tringa Dreshaj Researcher
Arbër Thaçi Researcher
Plato Avdiu


Violeta Zeka Ibrahimi Chair of the Board
Adrian Çollaku Board Member
Kushtrim Shehu Board Member