The whistleblowers of corruption should not be punished but encouraged


KDI, in cooperation with other members of Civil Society, organized a performance “Walk and Whistle” in support of the corruption whistleblower, Abdullah Thaçi. This event is a continuation of the activities of the Civil Society to oppose the practice of intimidation of the citizens and also as solidarity sign with Abdullah.

In August 2015, the Whistleblower and former cashier of ProCredit Bank Mr. Abdullah Thaçi was sentenced guilty for leaking the Bank’s Information, and fined five thousand euros. The information he leaked raised suspicions that the Director of Education in the Municipality of Prizren, Mr. Nexhat Çoçaj, illegally benefited money from the Municipality’s budget. Following the publication of this information, a criminal proceeding was initiated against Mr. Çoçaj for abuse of the official position, a position he continues to hold. It is suspected that Mr. Çoçaj, among other activities, used this money to pay his loan installments and rental fee.

Starting from this case, and other cases that occurred during the year, Civil Society Organizations have recollected the letter previously sent to Institutions requesting the amendment of the Law on Protection of Whistleblowers in accordance with the standards of the European Court of Human Rights, as well as the treatment of actual cases according to these standards.

Ismet Kryeziu from KDI and Civil Society Organizations call on the judicial and other state institutions to apply encouraging, and not punishing, practices aimed to denounce corruption for the public good. We also encourage citizens to continue to publicly denounce corrupt practices to strengthen the integrity of the Institutions. 


All citizens who believe in the rule of law, are invited, that within their capabilities, to support the campaign “With Abdullah Thaçi” by contributing financially to cover the fine fee.