Kosovo – Serbia Dialogue: The Civil Society Platform for Dialogue demands transparency from the Government

Feedback 11.09.2020

We, the members of the civil society, are closely following the developments regarding the dialogue process between Kosovo and Serbia. Despite persistent demands for an increased role and involvement of the US in the dialogue, we express our concern about the lack of transparency that has accompanied the process of reaching an agreement between Kosovo and Serbia in Washington. Furthermore, the next steps towards its implementation remain unknown.

Following the same practice, the Government is continuing the meetings in Brussels, where the possibility of reaching a final agreement with Serbia has been announced. However, Kosovo representatives did not provide details regarding the agenda, the topics and Kosovo’s position in these meetings in Brussels.

The country’s Government as the bearer of this process has not been transparent even to the Assembly as the highest foreign policy oversight body. The Government’s reports to the Assembly so far regarding the dialogue have been only superficial, not providing concrete information on developments within this process. The Kosovo Government has not shared with the MPs the state platform for dialogue with Serbia and has not made this document public for the citizens either. The lack of information regarding the dialogue has caused confusion and uncertainty among citizens about the expected results of this process.

Therefore, the ‘Civil Society Platform for Dialogue’ requires that the dialogue process be developed on principles of transparency and accountability of the Government to the Assembly and the general public.