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Local elections passivized the Assembly


During the autumn session of 2017, the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo in several cases faced the lack of quorum in sessions and in meetings of the committees.
Local elections held during October and November had a direct impact on the work of Assembly. During this period, a much lower intensity has been observed in the work of the Assembly. The main focus of political entities and MPs was totally shifted to the pre-election campaign for local elections, thus overlooking duties and responsibilities taken to exercise the function of the deputy.
During the autumn session of the work of the Assembly of Kosovo, 65 parliamentary questions have been realized, 41 of which received responses from the Government cabinet. The most active Parliamentary Group with parliamentary questions is that of LVV with 35 questions, followed by LDK with 21, PDK with 5, AAK with 2 and NISMA and Serbian List with 1 question.
During the autumn session, a parliamentary motion was initiated. During the autumn session of the work of Assembly, the Parliamentary Committee invited for reporting 22 times the ministers of Government cabinet.  During the autumn session, a parliamentary interpellation was initiated. Throughout the autumn session of Assembly’s work, parliamentary committees have called 22 times the government cabinet ministers for reporting.
During the autumn session, the Assembly held 9 plenary sessions, 3 extraordinary sessions and 1 solemn session. With regards to the meetings of the Parliamentary Committees, 103 meetings have been held during this period.
The sixth legislature in the autumn session of this year adopted only 5 laws. In general, the legislative agenda planned for 2017 has been fulfilled only 5%. The topic of dialogue for normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia has been discussed in 7 parliamentary sessions, while MPs made only 4 parliamentary questions on this topic.