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Feedback 03.04.2020

European Union’s enlargement strategy for the Western Balkans states that these countries, including Kosovo, show clear elements of state capture at all levels of government and administration. KDI, as part of the global network Transparency International, has consistently reported on elements of state capture in important sectors, while in particular criticizing the practices of capturing boards of public enterprises and placing incompetent and politically affiliated people.

KDI is deeply concerned with the actions of the Acting Government, which at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to dismiss existing enterprise boards to replace them with people of their subject. Putting figures that were previously candidates for the political entity Lëvizja Vetëvendosje in the last elections is in contradiction with the laws of these public enterprises and contrary to the main promise that boards will be politically independent, professional and with integrity.

The Acting Government must urgently prohibit such practice, and the recruitment process must be preceded by the announcement of public competitions so that these boards can recruit people with credibility, integrity and professionalism.

The Acting Government should continue the Memorandums of Understanding with the British Embassy in Kosovo on the recruitment of boards and other leadership positions in Kosovo, so that we can have a transparent and accountable process with the assistance of the Embassy and under the supervision of civil society to enable the selection of boards of public enterprises to be professional rather than political, with integrity and not captured.