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Decision-makers in Dragash ready for certain budget planning for social policies

Roundtable 06.08.2018

Kosovo Democratic Institute (KDI) organized a roundtable with decision-making stakeholders in the Municipality of Dragash, whereby revealing recommendations deriving from the analysis of social policies at the local level. This roundtable was attended by the Deputy Mayor, Deputy Mayor for Communities, members of the Assembly and executive, representatives of civil society and media.

During this roundtable, decision-makers and other stakeholders agreed on the findings deriving from KDI analysis, based on which the Municipality of Dragash had no focus on the social policies development. Lack of subsidies for social services, lack of certain policies for social housing and other issues of internal regulatory policies have been faced by this municipality until 2018.

According to the discussants, lack of budget in the Municipality of Dragash is not a cause for non-initiation of the drafting of social policies, such as social housing; the lack of interactivity and cooperation with community and other stakeholders have been reflected in the negligence of specific social needs for the Municipality of Dragash.

The readiness of decision-makers in the Municipality of Dragash to reflect on three findgins, as well as budget planning for 2019 is a milestone in designing social policies in this municipality.