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Thaci at the KDI Round Table: There Will be No Separation of Kosovo, Territory Exchange and neither “Republika Srpska” in Kosovo

Media conferences 05.09.2018

Kosovo Democratic Institute (KDI) held today the round table “What does the border correction between Kosovo and Serbia mean?” In an open debate of the members of civil society media with the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci.

Ismet Kryeziu, executive director of KDI, in the opening of this roundtable has made an overall assessment of the dialogue process by raising some current issues around the process through questions: Are the elections the only option to achieve the unification of attitudes for dialogue? ; What will be the role of the president in relation to the team proposed by the Government? Correction always comes as a result of an error, is the independence of Kosovo as a republic in the current boundaries a mistake ?; Is there an analysis of what can we lose or gain from this correction? What will we have at the round table in Brussels on September 7th? Is the idea of correction our choice or a matter sponsored by international factor?

Meanwhile, President Thaçi has emphasized that now is the time for the great, historic, final agreement between the two states. “The attention of the international community has focused on reaching an agreement between our two countries as never before in recent years,” he said, adding that it is important to use this opportunity and reach this agreement.

He also gave his views on the final stage of dialogue, saying that Kosovo intends a permanent, final agreement with Serbia. “We do not want and will not accept a new status quo. Secondly, for the full normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia is the formal, mutual recognition between the state of Kosovo and the state of Serbia, “he emphasized.

Kosovo has stated that it intends through this agreement, through formal recognition between Kosovo and Serbia, to open the possibility of becoming a member state of the United Nations.

Fourth, he stressed that mutual recognition between the two states could be followed by an agreed agreement between the two sides for border correction between Kosovo and Serbia.

“What does this mean? First, there will be no partition of Kosovo. There will be no separation of the northern part of Kosovo. I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again. There will never be talk, under any circumstances, about Ujmani lake or the entire city of Mitrovica, “Thaci added, also stressing that” there will be no republic of Srpska in Kosovo “.

Correction of the border between Kosovo and Serbia according to President Thaci would mark the end of a century-long conflict between Kosovo and Serbia, rather than the beginning of a new conflict.

Such an agreement has said it will be a contribution to the peace and stability of this part of the Balkans and that there will be no implications for the multiethnic character of Kosovo society. He also added that the catalog of minority rights and Serbian cultural and religious heritage in Kosovo will be preserved.

He also said that the legitimate demand of Presevo Valley leaders for the unification with Kosovo will be respected. According to him, as a whole Presheva should join during the demarcation of the border between Kosovo and Serbia. This topic has said that it is institutionalized and it is right to respect the will of the citizens of this area.

Addressing the question of the role of the government team in this dialogue, Thaci said he welcomes this decision and that there will be coordination with a platform and a goal. He stressed that his role will be constitutional and legal.

This discussion was organized under the project “European Perspective – Building a National Consensus on the Normalization of Relations with Serbia” supported by the Swiss Embassy in Pristina