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MPs vow to push forward the recommendations of Kacanik residents

Meetings 28.01.2020

In the municipality of Kacanik today was held the next discussion between the citizens and the deputies of the Assembly of Kosovo, in order to increase the accountability and transparency of the Assembly. The meeting, co-organized by KDI and FOJK, was attended by the following deputies: Valon Ramadani (LVV), Dimal Basha (LVV), Saranda Musliu (LDK) and the Mayor of Kaçanik, Mr. Besim Ilazi.

During this public discussion, the citizens put forward a series of requests and recommendations for the MPs present, including issues related to the migration of youth and specialist doctors from the country, initiating amendments to the laws regulating water, environmental protection and forests, changing youth policies to empower youth, increasing budgets for social services at the municipal level, enhancing the quality of education and establishing mechanisms to combat drug use in schools, etc.

The MPs present pledged to raise these issues in the Assembly.