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Feedback 29.05.2018

On Aprill 19, 2018, the Kosovo Government approved the project platform for the finalization of the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, a platform that was submitted to the President of Kosovo and the Kosovo Assembly.

This platform in the form of a draft resolution was discussed in the Committee on Foreign Affairs on 4 May 2018. This committee decided to process the platform in plenary session, however the assembly so far is uninterested in prioritizing Kosovo-Serbia dialogue.

Considering the importance of the dialogue process directly related to the process of Kosovo’s EU membership, the internal and international consolidation of the state of Kosovo, and the normalization of relations between the two states, the KDI estimates that the Kosovo Assembly should be the epicenter of discussions on further steps in this process.

KDI, asks members of the Kosovo Assembly to call an extraordinary hearing as soon as possible to discuss the new phase of dialogue with Serbia and the Kosovo state platform for this process.

Debates about the future of this process should take place in the Kosovo Assembly, where parliamentary parties should aim to build political consensus and articulate clearly the views of the state of Kosovo in these talks.

Members of the Assembly of Kosovo in this platform should define the topics of discussion, the expectations of Kosovo, the role of the institutions and the negotiation team, giving legitimacy to this state process by adopting a resolution that will also guarantee the co-ordination of institutions, inclusiveness , accountability and transparency.

Finally, KDI calls on Assembly Members to be more active in dealing with issues of dialogue in assembly sessions and committee meetings, based on resolutions approved by the assembly around this process and in accordance with their constitutional mandate, submitting more parliamentary questions on this subject and inviting the Kosovo Government officials to report on transparency and accountability regarding the dialogue process.