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KDI: The Government of Kosovo should cooperate with the opposition for the revision of the budget

Feedback 10.07.2020

The Government of Kosovo has requested from the Assembly the revision of the budget with accelerated procedures, to remedy the economic and health consequences caused by the pandemic. This draft law will be considered for the first time in the continuation of today’s session. However, for the treatment of the draft law with accelerated procedures, deviation from the Regulation is required with 2/3 of the votes of the present deputies, which means that a broader agreement is needed between the parliamentary groups in position and those in opposition.

Given the sensitive situation with the pandemic it is essential that the revised budget be a reflection of the attitudes of all political parties. Therefore, KDI urges the ruling coalition to intensify efforts to find a common language with the opposition, taking into account their proposals and demands, in order to achieve agreement on the passage of the draft law on budget revision.

KDI considers that a co-operative approach between the government and the opposition, promoted and cultivated by the Government, should prevail in the joint commitment to tackling the pandemic and its consequences.