KDI: Vetëvendosje movement should not delay the process of formation of the new government

Feedback 21.04.2020

Kosovo is already in the constitutional process of forming a new government, after the successful vote of no confidence for the Government of Kosovo on March 25.

Kosova Democratic Institute (KDI) estimates that after four correspondences between the President and the Vetëvendosje Movement as the winning party in the last three weeks, the latter, without wasting time, should exercise the right to send the name of the PM candidate for the formation of government. Consequently, we urge Vetëvendosje Movement, as the winner of the elections, to hold consultations with other political entities to form a new coalition and to appoint a new PM candidate to form the Government as soon as possible. If the LVV does not have the political will to send the name as a PM candidate for the formation of the new government, it may exercise the right to refuse the mandate, as provided for in the 2014 judgment of the Constitutional Court.

Although our Constitution does not set a time limit for the proposal of the mandate, we consider that any delay in the use of this constitutional provision may lead the country to institutional and constitutional stalemate, and will violate the principle of institutional stability of the country, making it impossible for the Assembly  exercising his powers in electing the Government. We believe that institutional stability is a value that should be promoted by all political entities in Kosovo, in accordance with civic legitimacy.