KDI: The free movement of deputies should be guaranteed during the exercise of their mandate

Feedback 29.04.2020

Kosova Democratic Institute (KDI) is closely following the developments related to the free movement of deputies in pandemic time, in relation to the exercise of their mandate.

Despite the fact that in Kosovo the measures of isolation and quarantine taken by the relevant institutions are still in force, KDI estimates that MPs should have facilities that enable the unhindered exercise of their constitutional functions, as long as these facilities are proven to be safe for the health of other deputies.

In the situation when there is such a risk, in order not to violate the health of the deputies and at the same time not to deprive them of the exercise of their constitutional duties, the Assembly should see the possibility of holding sessions at a distance, thus providing the opportunity for all MPs to participate in the session. Given that such an option is not provided in the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly, in order to make possible the realization of the sessions in this way it is necessary to vote to avoid the Regulation, which is done with 2/3 of the votes of the deputies present.