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KDI and USAID launched the public procurement transparency index

Roundtable 07.08.2018

Kosovo Democratic Institute and US ambassador Greg Delawie, together with USAID program for transparent, effective and accountable municipalities launched today the Transparency Index in Public Procurement report. The index shows that E-Procurement has increased transparency in this process. Although local elections and lack of functional web pages in some municipalities during 2017 had a negative impact on the availability of procurement documents.

Executive Director of KDI, Ismet Kryeziu stressed that transparency in public procurement is critical, the way that the municipality deals with its transactions with businesses, uses the political and legal will for transparent practices in the process of public procurement increases competitiveness and value for money, in services and capital investments. He also said that this process impacts the public opinion and the trust of the public in their respective institutions.

You may download the full report here.