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KDI: All parties should respect the verdict of the Constitutional Court and guarantee a democratic transition of power

Feedback 29.05.2020
Kosova Democratic Institute (KDI) has continuously followed the developments related to the issue of the candidate for the establishment of the new government, since the initiation of the motion of no-confidence against ‘Kurti’ Government, until the judgement of the Constitutional Court, which recognizes the right of the candidate proposed by the second political entity for the establishment of the government.
KDI considers that yesterday’s decision of the Court regarding the Decree of President has clarified some of the most sensitive provisions and principles related to the establishment of the government, by avoiding the future situations of political stalemate.
KDI calls on all political entities and central institutions to fully respect the judgment of the Constitutional Court, as the only institution that has the responsibility to interpret the Constitution and return verdicts that are binding for all institutions in Kosovo.
It is the responsibility of all parties to refrain from undemocratic language and actions, ensuring a smooth transition of power as essential to maintaining the functioning of the state. KDI recalls that the country is facing important political processes and economic challenges, which require consensus and full functionality of the institutions.
KDI supports the right of citizens to express their disagreements with democratic means such as rallies, as long as they are peaceful and do not create tensions that could impair the future of Kosovo and its citizens.