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The working plan for the project of increasing the accountability in 11 municipalities has been drafted

Workshop 04.09.2018
In a two-working days workshop, the newest KDI field staff have been working in drafting the working plan and the methodology to serve the implementation of various activities planned to be executed in the framework of the newest project “Increasing the accountability of local institutions” supported by the British Embassy in Prishtina.
This project will facilitate the communication between the citizens and local authorities in the villages of 11 municipalities where the project will be implemented: Mitrovicë, Obiliq, Drenas, Klinë, Malishevë, Mamushë, Dragash, Shtërpce, Graçanicë, Viti dhe Kamenicë. This project will work towards identifying key issues which the citizens in the villages, neighborhoods and unorganized groups struggle with in order for these priorities to be included in the municipality plan for the coming years.
The project will increase the participation in decision-making in the local government, will monitor the work of local government and reward those with the best practices. This will contribute the strengthening of the governance and the rule of law in the local level. Furthermore, this project aims to ensure increase of benefits aspect of human rights, including the rights of women and other non-majority communities.