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Prizren’s women MPs group in cooperation with KDI will set up an action plan of advocacy 2018

Workshop 17.05.2018

Kosova Democratic Institute along with women MPs group from the municipality of Prizren, have held a workshop in order to identify the everyday challenges and concerns related to women of our community and the need to convert certain socio-economic issues into concrete public policies who will be the baseline in building an action plan of advocacy which women MPs will use it as a guidebook in protecting the general good and the wellbeing of women community.

Women in business, self-sustaining mothers, public safety, the approach on healthcare, education, victims of violence – were only some of the concerning issues which were identified by the participants during the workshop.

KDI in cooperation with women MPs group from the municipality of Prizren will continue to be engaged in harmonizing the concerns and demands of women community with finding out and building up concrete public policies in a consistent action plan of advocacy which will be a useful address of representing and protecting the public interest of women community.

This activity is part the project ‘’Empowered citizens for Institutions that deliver’’, implemented by KDI and financed by OPIC.