Citizens confront corruption


In closing of the year 2015, when State institutions remain subject to serious criticism in their clumsy efforts in the fight against corruption, the citizen’s activism and pressure tends to give hope to the recovery of the rule of law institutions. The Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre at the Kosova Democratic Institute, motivates the active involvement of citizens in the fight against corruption by providing simple and reliable mechanisms so they actively reject corruption by seeking opportunities for resolution.


In a press conference, KDI a chapter of Transparency International in Kosovo, summarized the activities of the Centre that operates within this organization and provided various recommendations for the institutions.


Cases reported by the citizens, show their willingness to confront with corruption. Of the 35 reported cases for the second half of the year, seven belong to the alleged violations by the Ministries, six by the Municipalities, five by the Courts and the Prosecutors and four alleged violations by KPA. Whereas, for reported cases by nature, non-implementation or delay of court decisions leads with 10 cases, followed by the nine reported cases on fixed tenders. Violations to labor rights and nepotism in employment have also been reported by citizens at three times each.

Statistical analysis reveals the most common problems that are faced by citizens, thus, KDI has provided a number of recommendations to improve the situation. Looking at continuing trend of budget spending through “quotation” as a form of procurement, it is recommended that contracting authorities publish these acquisitioning notices on the website of the PPRC or their own websites. Also it is recommended to reduce the currently allowed amount of purchases through quotations from 10,000 Euros to 5,000 Euros. Whereas regarding the conflict of interest in employment, it was observed the need for enrichment of normative provisions on the prevention of conflicts of interest according to specific cases such as the officials.

We encourage citizens to continue reporting these kind of cases through the FREE telephone number 0800 77777 (operator Vala) or email address at [email protected]. All calls are treated with confidentiality by KDI and may remain anonymous.

For more, read the full report with additional recommendations at the following link: http://www.kdi-kosova.org


The support of whistleblowers and victims of corruption with legal advice is made possible with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany.