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At the KDI roundtable, President Thaci calls for national consensus to conclude the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue


In the roundtable organized by KDI today, the “Future of the Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue”, President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Hashim Thaçi discussed with representatives of political parties, civil society and media about the new phase of dialogue, his vision for forming a unity team, the epilogue of dialogue, the idea to organize a referendum regarding the final agreement between Kosovo and Serbia, and the role of the international community in this process, particularly US support.


At the opening of this roundtable, the KDI executive director, Ismet Kryeziu, stressed that during 6 years the dialogue process has produced a considerable number of agreements, however some have been renegotiated, while others are not sufficiently implemented. Failure to implement agreements such as on justice, energy, revitalization of the Bridge and telephone code debate, turned the dialogue into a daily theme of political clashes.

“With all the resolutions adopted by the Assembly, the lack of transparency and inclusiveness in the process have been features that have followed this process, even in sensitive issues that could have implications for the Constitutional order of Kosovo. Agreements have not been transparent, as some of them remain unpublished. One of them is the Agreement on the Justice Sector “said, among other things, Kryeziu.

Whereas, President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, said that we should prepare jointly and build a national and political consensus to successfully conclude the final phase of the normalization process of relations between Kosovo and Serbia.

He has said that dialogue remains the only way to resolve any dispute, to escape the conflict and to confirm our commitment to lasting peace in our country and the region.

The President also emphasized that he has initiated the establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission that will promote the internal dialogue in Kosovo, between all communities, to close the war and conflict chapter and to open the peace chapter.

He said that despite the challenges that the dialogue process had had and the challenges remaining in the implementation of the agreements reached, however, trust in the process has been achieved.

The President has stressed that it is now time for the whole process to take on another quality and to work to successfully complete this process.

According to him, this is in the interest of Kosovo, the region and beyond, adding that it is encouraging that all political parties are determined for that.

“So we have a full consensus on the need for dialogue. Therefore I have already made public my initiative for establishing the Unity Team to work together to conclude this process. The Unity Team will consist of representatives of Kosovo’s state institutions, ie of the Presidency, of the Government, of the Assembly, where all the parliamentary political parties are represented. In addition, representatives of civil society will play an important role within the work of the Unity Team, the academy, the media and whoever considers to be able to contribute to this process” he said, among other things.

According to him, this will guarantee political consensus in dialogue, but also the expertise needed for dialogue and commitment to implement and achieve.

“Of course, I requested to have the direct involvement of the United States in the final phase of this process. The benefits of this lasting peace in the Balkans are for the whole continent, “said Thaçi.

This round table is organized within the framework of the project aimed at increasing transparency and citizen participation in the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue. This project is funded by the Swiss Embassy.