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27-11-2017 - Mitrovice

KDI organizes first visit of MPs to the Basic Prosecution in Mitrovica to monitor the implementation of the justice agreement

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KDI organized today a visit for the Assembly MPs of the Republic of Kosovo: Xhevahire Izmaku, Sami Kurteshi and Shkumbin Demaliaj at the Basic Prosecution of Mitrovica where they were welcomed by Chief Prosecutor, Shyqyri Syla.

Chief Prosecutor Syla informed the MPs about the steps taken to implement the justice agreement, the integration of the prosecutorial system and the challenges they are facing. He said that there are  21 prosecutors engaged, respectively 10 Serbian prosecutors and 11 Albanian prosecutors who will operate according to Kosovo laws. He added that the allocation of cases to the Prosecution will be done by lot and the work has already begun.

MPs of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo also met with prosecutors from both communities and expressed their willingness to follow on to the process of integrating the justice system, demanding that this process be done according to the laws and constitution of Kosovo.

After the site visit, with the organization of KDI, Assembly Members of the Republic of Kosovo, Xhevahire Izmaku, Sami Kurteshi, Shkumbin Demaliaj participated in a public debate with residents of the villages of Mitrovica region. The purpose of this debate was to look closely at the impact of the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue agreements on the lives of the citizens of this region, the challenges they face and the demands they have for improving their lives.


In this debate was emphasized the need to increase transparency and greater involvement of citizens in the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue process. Residents of the villages of Mitrovica region expressed dissatisfaction with the results of the dialogue so far and also with the lack of conditions for returning to their settlements in villages and neighborhoods belonging to North Mitrovica, Zubin Potok and other municipalities of this part . They also expressed their concern about the remaining parallel structures in the education system, health and non-respect of obligations towards the state of Kosovo.

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