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07-11-2017 - Prishtina

Parliamentary Committees call increased transparency and assessment if agreements deriving from Kosovo-Serbia dialogue

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KDI and the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs, Diaspora and Strategic Investments today hosted the second co-ordination meeting of the Assembly Parliamentary Committees where they discussed about the role of the Assembly and the Committees in the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue process.

This meeting was intended to provide a platform for discussion, co-ordination and agreement between the Parliamentary Committees on their role in the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue process, building mutual co-operation for monitoring, oversight, participation and transparency of this process.

Vjosa Osmani-Sadriu chairperson of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Diaspora and Strategic Investment, Lumir Abdixhiku chhairperson of the Committee on Budget and Finance, Blerta Deliu-Kodra Chairperson of the Committee for European Integration, Ismajl Kurteshi chairperson of the Committee for Education, Science, Technology, Culture, Youth, Sports, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Albulena Haxhiu chairperson of the Committee on Legislation, Mandates, Immunities, Rules of Procedure of the Assembly and the Oversight of the Anti-Corruption Agency, Sala Berisha Shala chairperson of the Committee for Economic Development, Infrastructure, Trade, Industry and Regional Development, Besa Baftiu chairperson Committee on Health, Labour and Social Welfare, Haxhi Shala chairperson Committee on Internal Affairs, Security and Oversight of the Kosovo Security Force and Driton Selmanaj chairperson Committee for the Oversight of Public Finances.


During this discussion, the chairs of the Committees expressed their views on the need for mutual co-ordination, evaluation and monitoring of the reached agreements as well as increase of transparency for this process. Committee chairs also discussed the new stage of Kosovo-Serbia dialogue where the need for a new resolution was emphasized before the beginning of this phase. As well as demanded that dialogue agreements reached in the future to be discussed in the relevant Committees by receiving their approval before signing.

During the meeting it was estimated that participation and communication with citizens should be increased, and the organization of field visits by the Committees should continue to closely monitor the implementation and impact of the agreements reached in the framework of the dialogue, as well as increase oversight towards the executive for the agreements reached.

This initiative for co-ordination of parliamentary committees regarding the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue process was agreed to continue in the future with other meetings with concrete requests and recommendations for the dialogue process by the respective committees addressed to the Presidency of the Assembly and the Executive.


This meeting is organized in the framework of the memorandum of cooperation signed between KDI and the Assembly aimed at increasing citizen participation in the framework of the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue and strengthening the Assembly's oversight role towards the Government, with the financing of the Swiss Embassy.

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