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06-10-2017 - Prishtina

Assembly deputies want the Assembly to play a central role in the Kosovo - Serbia dialogue

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The warning for entering the third and final phase of the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue is being followed with ambiguity both in terms of content, but also of the format and actors that should be involved in this process.

What role is expected and what role should the Assembly have in the process now on, was a discussion topic at the roundtable that today KDI organized with the participation of the heads of parliamentary groups of the Kosovo Assembly, representatives of civil society, the academy and the media.

Referring to these questions, Jeta Krasniqi from KDI at the opening of the roundtable assessed that KDI has consistently emphasized the need for wider political and social discussion while insisting on a more active role of the Kosovo Assembly and has requested a direct involvement of United States of America in negotiating and guaranteeing of agreements from the European Union.

According to the AAK parliamentary group chief, Mr. Ahmet Isufi, Kosovo-Serbia dialogue has deviated during the process, while the Assembly has not been notified and involved. He said Serbia did not respect the agenda of talks and only implemented the agreements that were in its interest. About the future of this process, Isufi assessed that the format of the talks should change, a preliminary platform should be drawn up including topics that are of interest to Kosovo. While adding that the party he represents still has no stand on the initiative for a unity team to lead this dialogue while evaluating that the role of the Assembly is extremely important.

Mr. Glauk Konjufca, head of the LVV Parliamentary Group, assessed that Kosovo-Serbia dialogue was a completely unilateral governmental process, with a closed and unclear agenda where the role of the Assembly was totally overlooked. He praised that Kosovo has not managed to solve any problems with Serbia, adding that the dialogue should return to the Assembly, becoming the epicenter of building Kosovo's state stance on this process. Mr. Konjufca added that if there is consensus to extent the sovereignty across the country, LVV is ready to join but that they are against a dialogue that legitimizes the current situation on the ground.

Despite the emergence of stalemate in the process, Elmi Reçica, deputy chief of the PDK parliamentary group, said that dialogue has no alternative, pointing out the need for reformation. He further added that the process should be developed on the basis of a political consensus while being led by the country's president. He added that the US should have a leading role in this process and that the dialogue should be concluded with mutual recognition. Also, Mr. Reçica stressed that the possibility of involvement of the Albanians of the Presheva Valley in this dialogue should be considered.

Mr. Bilall Sherifi, Chef of parliamentary group NISMA, assessed that Kosovo-Serbia dialogue is also violating the constitutional order of the Republic of Kosovo, turning from dialogue on the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia in a process for normalizing Serbia in Kosovo. Regarding the future of the dialogue, Sheriff stressed that there should be a unification of positions on the negotiating platform and then have unity and decide who will lead this process.

Albert Kinolli, head of the parliamentary group 6+ , also estimated that it supports the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, stressing the need for oversight by the Assembly of this process. He estimated that after each round of talks, the negotiating team should report to the Assembly and parliamentary committees. Mr. Kinolli underlined the importance of creating a group of unity to end this process, which according to him will bring Kosovo's recognition of Serbia.


This round table was organized within the framework of the project aimed at strengthening the Assembly's oversight role towards the Government and increasing the participation of citizens within the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue. This project is funded by the Swiss Embassy.

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