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Empowerment of Women in Politics and Decision-making

Kosovo has managed to draft its legislation based on standards on equality and diversity, as values for implementation and promotion of human rights and freedoms. However, the low percentage of women in politics and decision-making does not match with the percentage of women in society.

Starting from the local to the national level, women are under-represented in the majority of leading posts, be them elected posts, civil servants, or in the private sector. Regardless of women’s rights for equal participation in democratic governance or their skills and will to prove themselves as successful leaders, practices in our society tend to give women a lower voice in politics and a limited decision-making power.

The Empowerment of Women in Politics and Decision-making Program (EWPDM) has been designed to support all, women and men, who are ready for challenges and for playing a more important role in creation of equal opportunities and empowerment of women to be leaders in political and decision-making life.

The EWPDM aspires that political entities, public and private institutions develop continuously, implement and advance legislation and programmatic policies that eliminate discrimination effectively, and reduce barriers stemming from gender prejudices and stereotypes. Legal and constitutional provisions, international conventions that support gender based civil rights, civil mobilisation, advocacy activities, monitoring, capacity building, study visits, and other structured activities of specific strategies, which will be undertaken by the EWPDM, are measures based on gender integration and on democratic principles that guarantee progressive implementation of equal rights for all.

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