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Every democracy needs to test the functionality and efficiency of its institutions time after time, and elections are those that enable this. Being one of the most important instruments of democracy, elections serve as a way for participation of citizens in political processes. By electing the officials that represent the values and interests of people in the best way, voters may affect making of policies that improve the quality of their life.  

The Free and Fair Elections (FEE) Program of the KDI is committed to contributing to ensuring of integrity of electoral process and fulfilment of democratic standards through an objective and politically unbiased observation. Information and encouraging of citizens to exercise their elementary rights for electing and being elected is one of the main pillars of the program. The goal of our activity is to discourage tentative for fraud, irregularity, administrative errors, and to help resolution of election contests and provision of an environment that guarantees legitimate and democratic elections.

Since its establishment, the KDI has been engaged in regular activities throughout the entire electoral circle, which implies mobilisation of NGOs and building of their capacities for observation and reporting about the electoral process, education and raising of the voters’ awareness about their rights, advocacy for a genuine electoral reform, and provision of concrete recommendations for ensuring an efficient election process.


Being officially a member of the European Network of Election Monitoring Organisations (ENEMO), the KDI aims at involving in monitoring and provision of integrity of electoral process beyond Kosovo’s borders, which increase public trust and encourage participation of citizens in elections. 

LAST ACTIVITIES: Free and Fair Elections

Democracy in Action (DiA) considers that local elections that took place on 22 October 2017 have fulfilled both international and local standards for organizing elections. The p...

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The coalition of NGOs "Democracy in Action" is continuing to observe the election process of local elections taking place today in the entire territory of the country.


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DiA reports that until 16:00, 32.68% of the citizens of the country or 618,010 citizens exercised their right to vote.

The irregularities in the field following the voti...

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Democracy in Action (DiA), with 61 long-term observers, during the thirty-day campaign for local elections, monitored 1,369 activities of certified political entities, held inte...

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