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Local Government and Civic Participation Program

Kosovo is a democratic Republic based on the principle of separation of, control, and balance between powers. Activities of local self-government bodies are based on the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Kosovo, and implementation of the European Charter of Local Self-Government.

Local self-government institutions and the elected officials, often due to lack of capacities and experience, do not manage to create and apply efficient practices and mechanisms, which enable reciprocal communication between them and their electorate, as a result of which their policies and decisions would reflect civic contribution. Citizens, often indifferent towards these rights and mechanisms, remain in the margins of decision-making processes. Influence on policy-making becomes even more challenging for the voters of rural areas, particularly for women and national minorities, and this unavoidably hinders democratic development of local self-government.

The Local Government and Civic Participation Program (LGCPP) was designed based on this need and its goal is to intervene in filling this gap through maximisation of civil potential for civic education and activation for exerting pressure on the governmental policies and for ensuring a control over the local government.

The LGCPP, through monitoring, advocacy, civil mobilisation, drafting of alternative public policies, capacity building of public officials and NGOs, aims at paving the way to participation of citizens in political processes and to make their voice heard and translated into useful decisions for them.


The LGCPP will continue to be committed to facilitation and implementation of a constructive dialogue between the electorate and their representatives, and to turn this communication into a culture of participative democracy and functional, transparent, inclusive functional government. 

LAST ACTIVITIES: Local Government and Civic Participation Program

KDI remains engaged to increase capacities of Local Councils, in order to mobilizes and ensure the presence of citizens in decision making process at local level. For this scope...

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07-02-2017 - Prishtina

Women competitive in decision-making

Women deputy and activists who could potentially become candidates for the upcoming municipal elections in Viti, Kamenica, Kacanik, Hani i Elezit and Shtime are attending practi...

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