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Transparency and Anti-Corruption

Continuous corruption practices in the public and private sectors in Kosovo and impotence of the functional legal system to fight this phenomenon have been hitting the headlines of local and international reports and assessments for a long time. Corruption and organised crime continue to cohabitate in all the levels of the organisation of the state and in public perception; and they are fought only rhetorically and through insufficient integrity of political entities.

Endeavours to prevent and fight corruption efficiently depend, first of all, on the political will to create the legal ground and adequate mechanisms. The existing legal provisions are not sufficient: many laws are still missing, others have flaws, and institutions responsible for implementation of rule of law, particularly judiciary, do not have sufficient capacities and resources.

Based on the principles of a democratic society and rules of law, the Transparency and Anti-Corruption Program (TAC) aims at promoting an anti-corruption culture and creating an environment dominated by high-integrity institutions, which will be able to undertake efficient measures against corruptive practices in the public and private organisations.


The KDI is officially a member of the global anti-corruption movement, the Transparency International. Through its TAC Program, it is committed to a Kosovo where the Government, businesses, civil society, and daily life of citizens are corruption free. KDI has exercised its activities over the past 10 years through monitoring, qualitative analysis and research, advocacy for amendment and implementation of laws, direct support for corruption victims, encouraging transparent governance, and cooperation with the prosecution institutions. 

LAST ACTIVITIES: Transparency and Anti-Corruption

29-09-2017 - KamenicA

What do you know about corruption?

With the purpose of raising awareness and educating the youth for the damages and consequences that corruption brings to the society, KDI has been holding discussions with stude...

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In the closing event of the "Demand for Justice" Program, implemented by the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) and financed by US Department of State, KDI as one of the pa...

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The last government, for almost three years has spent over 5.9 million euros of state budget. This amount was spent for salaries of the Prime minister, deputy prime minister, mi...

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Kosovo Democratic Institute has analyzed the Regularity Audit Reports for 2016, published by the National Audit Office, for the central and local governments, as the institution...

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