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Democratisation and Parliamentary Practices

Since the constitution of the Assembly, parliamentary sessions and debates have continued to attract the attention of citizens and to serve as a barometer of political processes in the state of Kosovo. Nevertheless, law-making is not always translated into interest of citizens, and elected officials are not always responsible towards their constituencies.

The Democratisation and Parliamentary Practices (DPP) Program aims at encouraging Kosovo Assembly to be more open, more representative, and more inclusive since an efficient law-making institution is the backbone of a democratic governance. Since the establishment of the organisation, the DPP has developed as a program through monitoring and assessment of the performance of Kosovo Assembly and people’s representatives, as well as by informing public about parliamentary matters. Over the last years, the DPP has established a new component, the goal of which is to provide Kosovo Assembly with expertise of research institutions in order for it to pass as quality and applicable legislation as possible. 

We believe that civil society is entitled to conduct vital and needed functions, such as monitoring, assessment, impact on law-making, and mediation between the citizens and their elected representatives. Therefore, the DPP will continue to monitor the Assembly to make sure that this institution reflects public interests on laws and policies, fulfils its constitutional obligations and implements its own rules and procedures, promotes accountability and transparency, oversees the work of the Government and complies with the universal standards of good governance.


The DPP will continue to serve as a bridge between the Assembly and citizens, by encouraging a constructive dialogue between them, and will promote voter empowerment in order to keep the elected officials responsible and accountable. 

LAST ACTIVITIES: Democratisation and Parliamentary Practices

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