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KDI invites Serbian List of MPs to participate in the transformation session of the KSF

Feedback 13.12.2018

The Kosovo Democratic Institute (KDI) invites the parliamentary group of the Serbian List to participate in the plenary session of the KSF Laws Package, which enable the KSF to become an army. The participation of the parliamentary group of the Serbian List in this parliamentary session will be in the function of integrating and developing the democratic values of Kosovo society. The package of KSF laws guarantees the inclusion of all communities living in Kosovo which is not based on ethnic division.

Transformation of the KSF should not be seen as a threat to any community living in Kosovo. The KSF as a multiethnic professional military force has a duty to protect the territorial integrity of the country and its citizens. With the adoption of KSF transformation laws, Kosovo will advance and contribute to security and defense not only within the country but also in the region and beyond. We reiterate that the Assembly is the representative institution where all discussions on the issues related to the interest of the citizens of Kosovo should be held.

Therefore, it is important that members of the Serbian List of parliamentary groups be involved in this very important process for all citizens of the Republic of Kosovo. So far the transformation of the KSF has received the support of all communities living in the Republic of Kosovo, who have contributed to this process being inclusive, so we also encourage Serbian List representatives to become part of this process.