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Meetings 28.06.2019

KDI has concluded today the cycle of public meetings between citizens and MPs that took place in 11 municipalities of Kosovo.

Over 500 participants became part of them, offering a set of recommendations for their elected members related to increased transparency, better representation of citizens’ interests and greater capital investment in municipalities.

The last one, the eleventh meeting, was held today in Kamenica, part of which, were the deputies: Shemsi Syla (LVV), Ahmet Isufi (AAK), Besa Baftiu (PSD).

Residents of this municipality stressed the need for more frequent meetings with MPs.

They addressed a number of issues such as education reform, lack of a gynecology department, low budget for the municipality of Kamenica and other issues of importance to this municipality as well as the challenges faced by citizens daily.

KDI, will be presenting all recommendations from citizens’ meetings to the special module “Civic Initiatives”, which is part of the platform www.votaime.org and they have visualized and published the aforementioned to the public through social media.

But most importantly, KDI will monitor whether these recommendations will be addressed by MPs in the Assembly of Kosovo and whether the citizens’ requirements will be met by the Assembly, namely this legislature.

This activity has been realized within the project “Increasing Participation, Transparency and Accountability in Kosovo” funded by the United Nations Democracy Fund (#UNDEF).