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KDI starts Informative meetings with municipalities for trasparent Public procurement

Meetings 11.09.2018

KDI and Ekovizioni representatives together with USAID Team, today held the meeting with deputy mayor of Podujeva municipality,Nexhmi Rudari, acting director of procurement Rasim Fejza, director of Directorate for budget and finances, Isuf Latifi and internal audit official, Ismet Uka.

KDI and municipal authorities discussed for the importance of transparent procurement and a better management of public money.

NGO Ekovizioni from Podujeva, who is our local partner in a two years long project, will commit to monitoring the general public procurement process, starting from preparation of the municipal budget, procurement planning, bid evaluation, contract implementation and addressing the audit report findings from the municipality.

KDI, Ekovizioni and USAID TEAM offered cooperation on improving the process of procurement, while municipal authorities expressed availability and will for such improvements.

The next meeting is going to be held in Suhareka municipality.