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Meetings 25.09.2018

7-21 shtator 2018

Dozens of citizens from various sites were part of the seven discussions that KDI organized in their respective villages, here they had the opportunity to present three priority issues that affect their everyday lives and which will be included in their municipalities’ plan for 2019.

All last weeks’ activities are within the framework of the project “Increase accountability of local institutions”, supported by the British Embassy in Prishtina.


KDI organized a meeting between a group of parents and the director for Education in the Municipality of Drenas. This meeting came as a result of the municipality ruling to close schools in the three villages of: Abri, Gjergjaj, nd Godanc, a ruling that was followed with a lot of discontent from the parents.

KDI continues to monitor relevant developments, ease communications between the residents and the municipality officials as it will advocate for a solution that allows the children to continue their education in a regular process.


The next meeting was held with residents of the village Bellobrad and officials from the municipality of Dragash who presented their problems related to road infrastructure which is yet unfinished and with a lot of defects, the absence of well and the signage on the roads as well as poor infrastructure of the school building. The municipality officials present at the meeting gave further explanations and more information over the foreseen budget for the village as well as their commitment to resolving the mentioned above requests from the citizens.

A meeting was also organized in the village of Brezne with residents and officials from the municipality of Dragash. For the residents of this village the improvement of the village’s infrastructure remains a priority, as their main problems involve: the lack of drinkable water, the wastewater collector, the public lightning and the lack of space for the village cemetery.


In the village of Goshicë, during the meeting organized with the residents and officials from the municipality of Viti a number of matters were discussed as priorities: the shortage of water supply, canalization and medical ambulance. All these were promised to be resolved during the coming year by the present municipality officials.

#MitrovicëIn the village of Vllahi, during the meeting that was organized between the residents and municipal representatives, the earlier introduced their basic problems which they face daily, which include water supply, electricity, road pavement, the functionality of the medical center and the lack of subsidies in agriculture. Fixing these problems, the residents said, would prevent the massive displacement of the residents from this village.

Bare residents during the meeting with the authorities of the Municipality of Mitrovica emphasized that the regulation of some infrastructure aspects would prevent the displacement of citizens from this village. Their problems that require immediate solutions are: power supply, waste management, public transport and road infrastructure regulation.


KDI organized a meeting between residents of the village of Qabiq and representatives of the Municipality of Klina. These residents demanded improvement of the electricity grid, road pavement and waste management. While the issue of electricity was excluded from their competencies, municipal officials pledged to work towards addressing these problems.

KDI field coordinators also monitored assembly meetings and public hearings.

In the municipality of Mitrovica the Committee on Policy and Finance was monitored.

In Shterpce the Public Budget Hearing was monitored

In Viti the Policy and Finance Committee was monitored.

In Drenas, the 21st Session of the Municipal Assembly was monitored.