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Meetings 01.10.2018

24-29 shtator

#KDI continues with the organization of discussions between citizens and local authorities throughout various locations in the framework of the project increase accountability of local government institutions, which is supported by the British Embassy in Prishtina.

10 more meetings were held during last week, which offered the residents of various villages the opportunity to presents issues of their main concern and which will be added the municipalities’ plans for 2019.


Pagarushë: The meeting in Pagarushë, between the residents of the village and municipality representatives resulted with the identification of a number of problems for the citizens like: the road infrastructure, sidewalks, public lightening, transportation for the pupils, canalization, etc.

The municipality officials initially informed the present with the investments plans for the current year and the coming years as well as pledged to include some of the requests mentioned above in their planning.


Preoce: Preoce citizens in the municipality of Graçanicë gathered for a meeting with municipal official where they had the opportunity to present their requests towards the municipality. For the citizens, the issues of the functioning of the cultural center, the lack of social activities during winter and unemployment remain main priorities. After the discussion, the municipal officials talked through the opportunities for the implementation of these requests.

Graçanicë: The next meeting in Graçanicë gathered citizens from the municipality in a discussion with municipal officials to discuss over the problems the citizens have. According to the present citizens, the issue of stray dogs, and the odor from the river as a consequence of impurity are their main concerns. The municipal official promised to resolve these problems.


Shipashnicë e Poshtme: To the residents of the village of Shipashnicë e Poshtme, the lack of sidewalks, the non-functioning of the water supply and preschool remain main concerns. The municipal official present in this meeting informed the citizens over the municipality plans and the budget opportunities for the realization of these requests and other municipality priorities for this village and the municipality.

Hogosht: The next meeting in the municipality of Viti was held in the village of Hogosht, where citizens had the opportunity to express their concerns and hear more from the present municipal officials about the municipality plans. Primary concerns for the citizens are the issues of water supply and canalization, for which they said to be willing to contribute with their personal means. Another concern for the citizens was said to be the road that lead to Shipashnicë të Poshtme, which is in a really bad condition. The municipal officials pledged to work in resolving these problems according to the planned municipal budget possibilities.


Vrbeshtica: In a meeting between the citizens from the village of Vrbeshtica and municipal official from Shtërpcë, it was discussed over the problems that preoccupy the residents of this village and the opportunities for the municipality to resolve them. According to the citizens the reconstruction of the cultural center, the reconstruction of the local bridge Maznikovo, the asphalting of the two roads Dedina and Dalorova, as well the cleaning of the playground are the main priorities to them. The municipal officials pledged to work towards resolving these problems according to the opportunities that the municipality has, as based in the work plan and the planned budget for the coming year.

Shtërpcë: A meeting with an unorganized group of citizens who as a major concern have the issue of the process with the social apartment complex was held in Shtërpcë. According to these citizens there was lack of transparency, in particular in the matter of the selection of the individuals who benefited from this process. Furthermore, they complained on the low quality of these apartments. The municipal officials present at the meeting promised for more transparency in the process and to resolve the problems as addressed by the citizens.


Novosellë: During the meeting in the village of Novosellë between the residents and municipal officials, it was discussed on the potential solution of the problems that the citizens have with the water supply, the sidewalks and the sports field. The municipal official presented the municipality’s plans and promised to address these problems and work towards resolving it.


Dush: Another meeting between the citizens and local authorities was organized in the village of Dush where it was discussed over the concerns the residents of this village have. The residents had few requests, but as more urgent to them was the shedding of sewage coming the village of Sfërrk, which according to them disables them to work their lands, the pavement of the road that takes to the school, the regulation of some streets in some neighborhoods, and the supply with drinkable water.

As for the concern for the drinking water, the municipal official promised the residents that the system would be fixed the coming year. They also pledged they will use the donors investments to invest in the septic tanks and water purification in two three pumps. A positive response was also given for the road leading to the school.


KDI field coordinators have also monitored sessions, meetings and the municipality public hearings. During last week the municipal assembly meetings in Malishevë, Klinë, Dragash, Mamushë, Viti , Mitrovicë, Kamenicë were monitored, while in all these municipalities the budget was approved.