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Mayor of Suhareka supports KDI project on trasparent procurement

Meetings 12.09.2018

On behalf of informative meetings for Transparent Procurement project that KDI is implementing through local level institutions, together with partner organisation ISDY and with the support of USAID Team, a meeting was held today with mayor of Suhareka municipality, Mr.Bali Muharremaj.

In this meeting we discussed about public procurement field and the necessity to increase transparency in this sector. KDI and ISDY invited the mayor of this municipality for cooperation for implementing the activities of Transparent Procurement project, by providing specific explanations on the activities that are going to take place, such as observing all public procurement process phases starting from preparation of the municipal budget, procurement planning, bid evaluation, contract implementation and addressing the audit report findings from the municipality.

The mayor of Suhareka showed will to cooperate for the purpose of increasing transparency and inciting a better management of public money.

The next meeting is going to be held in Istog municipality.