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Meetings 14.03.2019

KDI has conducted separate meetings with the two opposition parliamentary groups, namely the Democratic League of Kosovo and Vetevendosje, where it discussed about the KDI analysis on the Law on the Duties, Responsibilities and Competencies of the State Delegation of the Republic of Kosovo in the process of dialogue with the Republic of Serbia.

KDI in this analysis addressed a number of issues and a series of recommendations that should of have been addressed by members of the Kosovo Assembly before voting of this law in the Assembly. This analysis was also shared with the deputies of the Kosovo Assembly by e-mail before the vote of the law in the second reading. However, none of these issues have been addressed by the same.

KDI considers that this law applies a special procedure for a civil society member and as a result applies a double standard. This questions the position of this member of the delegation with other members, who must be voted by the Assembly.

In this analysis we have found, interalia, that this law attempts to define the institutional hierarchy, to deal with the separation of powers and the way of decision making of Kosovo’s constitutional institutions, aiming at the transfer of competencies from constitutional institutions to the State Delegation.

According to the analysis, the law also leaves room for parliamentary oversight of the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue process and the work of the State Delegation, giving the mandate to an Ad Hoc Commission. For details and other recommendations, full analysis can be found here.