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Roundtable 02.12.2018

Kosovo Democratic Institute (KDI) started with the initial activities that are going to be organized on behalf of anti-corruption month 2018.

On this occasion, the executive director of KDI, Ismet Kryeziu has emphasized that during this year, KDI with its activities will put the regular citizen in the first plan. ‘’This activities have the purpose of empowering the citizens role as an important actor on anti – corruption fight which coincide with the global citizens efforts for a ‘’world free of corruption’’ he said

Meanwhile Florent Spahija, legal adviser on KDI, has emphasized that on the verge of international anti-corruption day 9 December, Kosova on the national and international level continues to be associated with non-efficiency on the fight against corruption ‘’ Each ambition to advance the European integration and economic development agenda is constrained with concrete results on the fight against corruption. Corruption Perception Index from Transparency International for 2017, lists Kosovo on the 85th place with 39 points. Far from the global average of 43 points’’ he noted

Spahija said that KDI is starting the month against corruption with encouraging messages for citizens to speak and report corruption and ask for daily accountability from the institutions and their elected politicians for concrete results. ‘’During this month, there will be winners announced from the photography and video competition that was open for citizens to apply, where they depicted the effects that corruption has in society and in everyday life. Undivided part of our job is providing pro bono legal advice for citizens who want to report corruption, whistleblowers of corruption and corruption

witnesses. For three consecutive years we admitted over 300 diverse corruption cases’’ he added.

Throughout this month, KDI will publish reports that discuss over quality of procurement by the institutions that are the biggest public money spenders such as Ministry of Infrastructure, Ministry of Health, and Central Procurement Agency. On behalf of this, there will be revealed an analysis on the decision of the government for 53 million penalty for ‘’Bechtel & Enka’’ and another analysis that talks about impunity in public procurement.

He also made it known that KDI, during this month will conceal the political parties expenditures for electoral campaigns, precisely through a legal analysis that will promote new transparency standards for the electoral campaigns, standards which are used by European Union state members.