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Corruption in Citizens’ Cartoons

Media conferences 09.12.2017

At the League Square in Prizren today, when the International Anti-Corruption Day is being marked, the community of artists and other citizens, through artistic expression and cartoons, are portraying corruption and its effects on Kosovo society. This activity was organized by KDI aiming social awareness about consequences that corruption causes in everyday life and the barriers it has in development. The purpose of the activity is to empower citizens through active participation to demand accountability and responsibility from the institutions and their political elected candidates.

While in Prizren, many citizens are making their contribution to this endeavor, in Zahir Pajaziti Square in Pristina, KDI has also organized the exhibition of the best anti-corruption photos for 2017. The photos were collected through open calls in social networks. From this initiative many art appreciators and citizens had the chance to participate in the photography competition.

This year KDI completes a decade as a branch of Transparency International in Kosovo, the global organization fighting corruption. Throughout this time, by implementation of various projects such as public procurement monitoring and risky contracts, monitoring the political party finances, National Integrity System evaluation projects, Advocacy and Legal Advice Service project for reporters and victims of corruption, KDI has managed to have its practical impact in Kosovo on fighting corruption.

The competition for cartoon and best picture is supported by USAID, the project TEAM.