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KDI Supports Initiative for the Session Regarding Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue

Feedback 28.08.2018

Kosova Democratic Institute (KDI) expresses its support for the initiative undertaken to hold an extraordinary session for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue and invites all parliamentary political parties to mobilize to collect the necessary signatures to invite as soon as possible this session.

KDI has repeatedly called on members of the Assembly to invite an extraordinary session on 28 May and 17 July this year, requesting that the Assembly of Republic of Kosovo be the epicenter of discussions about Kosovo-Serbia dialogue and President of Kosovo to report to the Assembly.

The Republic of Kosovo has entered the final phase of the dialogue without a state strategy approved in its Assembly without defining the topics of discussion, red lines, deadlines, Kosovo party expectations in this process and without legitimizing through a resolution Kosovo’s leading team in these talks.

The closing phase of the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue is continuing with a lack of transparency, without coordination of the political spectrum, without coordination of the country’s institutions and unilateral actions of the President.

KDI urges the country’s institutions to respect the mandate of the Kosovo Assembly as the highest lawmaker institution. Other institutions with their actions should not overlook the role of the Assembly in this important state process. While the parliamentary political parties, respectively the deputies of the Assembly of Kosovo, should respect their mandate and competencies, exercising their responsibilities and holding as early as possible the extraordinary session for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue.

The actions of the Republic of Kosovo in this critical phase of the dialogue should be coordinated in the Assembly, giving legitimacy to this state process through the adoption of a resolution that will determine the red lines of Kosovo, institutional co-ordination, inclusiveness, accountability and transparency .