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KDI appeal for political consensus for ratification of the demarcation

Feedback 23.02.2018

After the failure of today’s session to review the Draft Law on Ratification of the Agreement on border demarcation between Kosovo and Montenegro, once again it was proved the lack of seriousness and commitment of political parties to reach political consensus that serves the interest of all citizens of the Republic of Kosovo. The lack of this political consensus for almost three years has not only left the citizens of Kosovo isolated and without the possibility of free movement, but at the same time has blocked the normal functioning of the country’s institutions.

Kosova Democratic Institute (KDI) assesses that the issue of demarcation has been consumed as a topic, and it’s time to take concrete steps to ratify this agreement.

Therefore, KDI appeals to all parliamentary political parties for achieving a general consensus and resolving this problem that is keeping the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo isolated. The pro-demarcation vote is a vote for free movement and further journey of Kosovo to the EU, especially now that, according to Transparency International, our country has made progress in the fight against corruption and ranks better than many other countries that already enjoy visa liberalization. KDI called on all Kosovo Assembly MP’s to show greater determination and commitment to close the demarcation issue with Montenegro.

KDI considers that the Republic of Kosovo has legal mechanisms available to re-negotiate with Montenegro for any eventual improvement of the agreement if it is considered that mistakes have already been made. Therefore, any further delay in ratifying the demarcation will affect the isolation of citizens, and at the same time will reveal the inability of Kosovo’s political scene to make major decisions.