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DnV presents the report on local election observation and initiates a debate on electoral reform

Roundtable 23.02.2018

To discuss the findings and recommendations of the ‘’Final Monitoring Reports on Local Elections 2017’’, the election process and the electoral reform that Kosovo should undertake, today NGO-s coalition ‘ Democracy in Action’ held a roundtable discussion with representatives of local and international institutions, political entities and civil society.

At the opening of this roundtable, the executive director of the Kosovo Democratic Institute, Ismet Kryeziu, stressed that elections are the key  standard that values the functioning of democratic state. While Albert Krasniqi from Dnv, presented the findings and recommendations of the Local Election Observation Repost.

Meanwhile, an overall assessment for the election process was given from Betim Gjoshi (CEC) and from Adnan Konushevci (ECAP).

Blerta Deliu – Kodra, deputy of the Kosovo Assembly, spoke for the education of the voters and invalid ballots.

Faton Topalli, deputy of the Kosovo Assembly, gave estimates regarding voting from abroad.

Deputy of the Assembly of Kosovo, Armend Zemaj, addressed the issue of electoral campaign financing.

Mimoza Kusari-Lila, deputy of the Assembly of Kosovo, spoke about the challenges of running for mayor of the municipality. While Besnik Tahiri from KLGI, affirmed aspects of the election of the mayor.