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Citizens of Lipjan demand increased transparency from MPs

Meetings 28.01.2020

Lipjan is the next municipality where KDI and POLIS co-organized a public discussion between the citizens and members of the Assembly of Kosovo, with the aim of increasing the accountability and transparency of the Assembly.

The meeting was attended by MPs: Fitore Pacolli – Dalipi (LVV), Shkelzen Hajdini (LDK) Vlora Limani – Hajnuni (LDK) and Ilir Tasholli (LDK).

During this public discussion, citizens put forward a series of demands and recommendations for MPs present, including issues related to electoral reform, tax policies that help small and medium-sized businesses develop, change environmental policies to improve the situation, the issue of retirement age and improving retirees’ conditions, raising the quality of education with a focus on vocational education etc. The MPs present pledged to raise these issues in the Assembly